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Valvoline VR1 Racing 5w-50 Premium Synthetic Engine Oil

Delivers ultimate performance in non-turbo or turbocharged petrol engines, including those using partial alcohol fuels, passenger cars and competition cars. Extra additives resist extreme operating conditions during rallying and racing.

Offers extra reserve needed to resist extreme operating conditions during rallying and racing. Suitable for normal day to day driving in the city and on the motorway. Very high quality synthetic motor oil, suitable for Königsegg sports cars.

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Optimum Performance - Exclusive competition-proven chemistry reduces internal friction and enhances power output.

Breakdown Resistance - Enhanced thermal and oxidation stability resists oil breakdown. Wear protection Zinc additive package provides tough anti-wear protection.

Protection Under Extreme Conditions - Race-proven exclusive chemistry delivers enhanced power output under high temperatures. Formulated with enhanced anti-foam system for superior protection at high rpm.

Engine Cleanliness - Keeps the engine clean and in good condition


  • Specifications
    • API SL
    • ACEA A3/B4
    • Ford M2C-153E
    • GM 6094M
    • Königsegg



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