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Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W-30 Pure Plus Fully Synthetic Car Engine Oil

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil with PurePlus technology - Shell's ultimate protection for vehicle emission systems

Shell Helix Ultra ECT features its most advanced emissions-compatible technology that helps to keep diesel particulate filters clean to help maintain engine performance. It helps to reduce engine friction to provide enhanced fuel economy.
PurePlus Technology gives the oil a higher viscosity index, lower volatility, lower temperature property and better oxidation stability.

Shell Helix Ultra ECT's fully synthetic formulation uses Shell's most advanced emissions-compatible technology to help gasoline engine exhaust catalysts to keep diesel particulate filters clean and protects it from ash build-up that can block the exhaust system and lead to reduced engine performance. Shell Helix Ultra ECT can be used for modern gasoline engines, diesel engines with particulate filters and gas engines.

General Details:

Capacity [litre] 5,0
ACEA specification C3
API specification SN
Manufacturer Approval BMW Longlife-04
Manufacturer Approval Chrysler MS 11106
Manufacturer Approval GM Dexos2
Manufacturer Approval MB 229.31
Manufacturer Approval MB 229.51
SAE viscosity class 5W-30
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  • Shell's most advanced emissions compatible technology (ECT) for low-saps oil
  • Unsurpassed sludge protection
  • Low viscosity and low friction
  • Exceptional low-temperature performance
  • High resistance to mechanical stress
  • Low evaporation formulation
  • Shell's ultimate active cleansing technology
  • Developed with special antioxidants


  • ACEA C3
  • API SN
  • MB Approval 229.51, 229.31
  • BMW LL-04
  • GM dexos2
  • Chrysler MS-11106



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