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Redex Super-Fast Emissions Reducer Diesel 250ml

  • Reduces exhaust emissions fast
  • Can help your car pass its MOT
  • Improves the life of the engine
  • Suitable for use with all diesel engines
Redex Diesel Emissions Reducer is a specialist fuel additive that works to reduce the amount of harmful emissions your engine produces. Our super-fast Emissions Reducer product gives a deep clean to lower your emissions which may help you pass first time as part of your MOT preparation, saving you time and money. If your car’s emissions are too high or your warning light is on, it could automatically fail its MOT.

The good news is a single shot of Redex Diesel Emissions Reducer can bring your emissions back into the safe zone, with a super-strength cleaning formula that powers through soot, particles, and deposits to clean your engine, improve its lifespan, and ensure it is burning fuel efficiently.



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