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Discover Rain-X® Rain Repellent the revolutionary product that considerably improves your driving visibility in wet weather. By simply applying this treatment to your windscreen & side windows, you’ll see water droplets fly off as you drive. Rain-X® Rain Repellent offers improved visibility in rain, sleet and snow.
Available in 200ml and 500ml to suit your needs. Don’t let rain compromise your visibility, choose Rain-X® Rain Repellent for safe driving.

Discover the water-repellent principle of our innovative product. Thanks to our unique water-repellent additive, the surface tension of water droplets falling on your windows is modified. This increases the angle of contact and allows the droplets to return to their original circular shape, which has two immediately beneficial effects:

  • Droplets are easily eliminated from the driver’s field of vision, improving safety and driving comfort.
  • The windscreen stays cleaner, preventing dirt such as mud, insects, etc. from sticking to it for too long.

The contact angle is the key!

  • Improves visibility in all weathers, increasing safety and driving comfort.
  • Makes it easy to wipe off frost, ice, salt, mud and insects.
  • Do not use Rain-X® Rain Repellent on plastic surfaces, including motorbike visors, ATVs, solar panels or shower doors made of Plexiglas and fibreglass.



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