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Millers Oils XF Premium MTF 75w-90 Fully Synthetic Transmission Oil 5L

A premium OEM gear oil formulated using the latest technology for gearbox applications requiring a 75w90 viscosity.

Predominantly for European and Asian manufacturers.


  • Provides enhanced low temperature flow when cold starting, instantly protecting the vital components of the gearbox from the very start of every journey.
  • Maximises viscosity stability at high temperatures. This reduces gearbox wear giving superior component protection including gear teeth, shafts and
  • bearings.
  • Delivers outstanding lubrication and instant protection under hot and cold temperatures.
  • Specifically formulated for use in hybrid systems including
  • self-charging hybrid electric vehicles and plug in hybrid electric vehicles.


  • API GL-4, GL-5
  • BMW MTF LT-4 
  • Fiat 9.55550-MX3
  • Ford M2C203-A 1, M2C200-C3, M2C200-C, M2C200-B, M2C180-A, M2C175-A GM/Opel/Saturn 1940768, 1940182, 1940004
  • PSA 9730 A2
  • Volvo 1161723, 97309
  • VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda TL 529 11 [P/N G 052 911 ], TL 521 45 [P/N G 052 145]. TL 501 50 [P/N G 050 150]


Millers Oils

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