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This pack of 4 + 4 Energizer Max AA size cylindrical cells contains a total of eight batteries at an economic price, including four free of charge.

Innovative Energizer Max batteries are designed to last much longer than standard batteries and, thanks to a recently enhanced manufacturing process, up to 30 percent longer than the previous Energizer range. Normal shelf life is ten years and these cells are designed to be leak-proof for two years after complete discharge in order to protect valuable camera equipment.

In addition to toys and devices that require relatively high current when not in constant use, Energizer Max AA cells are suitable for everyday use in various types of smoke alarm, clocks and remote controls.

Industry-leading Energizer Max is the latest generation in battery power and is totally mercury-free to benefit the environment. Each cell measures 51 millimetres in height and 15 millimetres in diameter.



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