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The Bosch H250 Wiper Blade - Single is made from plastic with dual wiper rubber manufactured to match specially styled rear wiper blades. With the growing numbers of estate cars, square-back vehicles and vans on our roads, you can't always count on having a clear view outback.

Rain and dirt quickly turn the rear window into a visibility and safety risk. Bosch specific fit rear-screen wipers ensure that your view remains unobstructed under these difficult conditions - with reliable, safe and lasting high-quality.

Bosch wipers have a proven legacy to perform better and for longer. The wiping edge of the blade does not flip back and forth due to prolonged cold temperatures which can reduce the flexibility of the rubber and cause juddering. Bosch's patented technology overcomes this problem.

Bosch windscreen wipers rely on innovative technology for optimal safety and maximum visibility. Amazing wiper performance is warranted throughout extended service life.

Quick and easy fitting , suitable for all wiper arms is possible, thanks to the pre-assembled Quick-Clip universal adapter.

Features & Benefits:
  • Manufacturer's quality: Fitted the same as vehicle's original equipment
  • Expertly fitted in our stores and garages
  • Manufactured to the same high-quality standards
  • Simple fitting instructions supplied
  • Dimensions: 250mm
  • Integrated rear quick clip connections for simplified installations
  • Natural rubber with graphite coating for quiet application and smooth gliding
  • OE style blade design for best quality
  • Patented metal spring strip for consistent and even contact pressure
  • Long service life due to the wear-resistant double wiper blade edge
  • Blade element with soft flexible rubber spine for less wiper noise
  • Superb windscreen cleaning thanks to hard rubber with micro double edge precisely cut for smear-free wiping



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