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BOSCH Super Plus Spoiler Windscreen Wiper Set 600/625mm 367S

Bosch SuperPlus

Better performance in cold weather

Bosch wipers are proven to perform better and for longer. Cold temperatures can reduce the flexibility of the rubber and cause juddering as the wiping edge of the blade does not flip back and forth. Bosch's patented technology overcomes this problem.

Better performance throughout the life span

Bosch wiper blades continue to work at their optimum performance levels for longer due to the patented technology that goes into the blade.

Superb winscreen cleaning thanks to a special coating for smooth operation, blade element with flexible spine for less wiper noise, long service life due to wear-resistant double wiper blade edge.

Pre-assembled Quick-Clip universal adapter for quick and easy fitting – suitable for all wiper arms.

Styling with spoiler
Quantity Unit Set
Length 1 [mm] 625
Length 2 [mm] 600
Wiper blade type Bracket wiper blade with spoiler



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