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Bosch Super Plus Single Universal Wiper Blade SP20

Bosch Super Plus (with or without spoiler): For quiet wiping, optimum performance in any weather and a long-life cycle. Robust, Thorough, Low noise. Pre-assembled Quick-Clip adapter allows fitting within seconds. Spoiler for improved performance at high-speed. Dual-rubber wiper technology with smooth-glide coating for outstanding cleaning and smoother action. This wiper rubber consists of a composition made of synthetic and natural rubbers with a special graphite coating for smooth operation. This makes it highly resilient and extends its service life.


  • Features:
  • Size - 20 Inch
  • Maximum-performance standard wiper blade for vehicles with hook arms
  • Effective cleaning thanks to the natural wiper rubber with graphite coating
  • Long service life thanks to the robust full-metal bracket system
  • Quick fitting thanks to the preassembled Quick-Clip adapter



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