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he Bosch Aerotwin Retrofit Upgrade Flat Blade AR20U is a maximum-performance blade that upgrades standard blades to flat ones and improves visibility. With an innovative design from Bosch, the Aerotwin Retrofit Upgrade Flat Blade AR20U is the perfect marriage of function and form.

The custom-designed evodium flex rails ensure a perfect fit for every vehicle and bring increased performance, even at high speeds and during extreme weather. The blade’s optimal aerodynamics have been designed to efficiently clear every portion of the swept range, while there’s minimum wiper-induced wind noise and an innovative connection that makes it easy to replace the blade.

To ensure optimum contact pressure Bosch Retro-Fit twin packs and Parallel high-tech spring strips are made from Evodium Steel. To upgrade from conventional and hybrid to flat wiper blades, they come with pre-assembled adapters . Apt positioning of spoiler in the centre of the wiper blade makes them suitable for Left and Right hand drive vehicles.

Features & Benefits:
  • Dimensions: 20” / 500mm
  • Upgrades a standard wiper blade to a flat blade
  • Twin dual-component technology for wiper blades
  • Flat and elegant hi-tech spring strips replace conventional link and bracket arrangement
  • Improved winter performance with reduced ice formation on joints and metal frames
  • Extended service life due to even distribution of force
  • Fitting position: Front
  • Aerodynamic design for improved visibility
  • Manufacturer's quality: Fitted the same as vehicle's original equipment
  • Superbly effective
  • Balanced force distribution: Optimal aerodynamics designed to clear the entire swept range with unrivalled efficiency
  • Improved winter performance
  • Fitting Type - Hook



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