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Bosch Aerotwin

Aerotwin original range: maximum performance flat wiper blades with vehicle-specific original adapter

Aerotwin is always dependable even at high speeds: Perfect visibility is guaranteed by the aerodynamic design – whatever the weather conditions. Included in the Original range is the Aerotwin with pre-assembled vehicle-specific Original adapter for quick and easy fitting.

The winning features of Aerotwin maximum performance flat wiper blades are their elegant, extremely shallow design and perfect action.

The renowned Twin compound wiper blade element guarantees perfect results: Smooth operation is ensured by the soft wiper blade element back and unbeatable cleaning by the hard wiper element lip with double microedge.

Driver Position for right-hand drive vehicles
Quantity Unit Set
Length 1 [mm] 530
Length 2 [mm] 475
Wiper blade type Flat wiper blade



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