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One of the most revolutionary wiper designs and also one of the most copied, the Bosch Aerotwin is the pioneering one-piece blade. It offers wiping performance unmatched by conventional blade systems, and also out-performs many OEM wiper blades.

Significantly increased service life, coupled with outstanding performance in adverse conditions, are the staples of the Aerotwin design. Customers who make the Aerotwin upgrade generally notice instant improvements and will rarely revert back to a conventional wiper system.

Superior wiper blade design

  • Pioneering one-piece wiper system
  • Aero spoiler creates downforce against windscreen
  • Lack of pivots and moving parts eliminates frame wear
  • Sleek appearance parallels contemporary car designs

Long lasting wiper blades

  • One-piece design minimises flex, creating optimum blade surface angle to produce ultimate performance and very low wear
  • A further 20% increase in service life over conventional wiper blade designs

Easy wiper blade installation

  • Vehicle-specific designs ensure optimal fitment



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