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BOSCH’s Rear Screen Wiper A range covers 90% of vehicles in the UK. Among the range are Aerotwin flat rear wiper blades, conventional wiper blades, designer plastic wiper blades, and specific-fit rear wiper blades.

Widely applicable in a range of vehicles, BOSCH’s rear wipers offer a factory-fit replacement with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) design and quality.

Key features of BOSCH Rear Screen Wiper A wiper blades

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer design
  • Aero wiper design
  • Specific to vehicle models
  • Sizes available from 10”-17”
  • BOSCH 12-month guarantee

Benefits of BOSCH Rear Screen Wiper A wiper blades

  • Direct fitment made to OEM quality standards
  • Compatible with a large range of vehicles
  • Easily fitted to your vehicle
  • Suitable for left and right-hand drive vehicles
  • Effectively clears rear windscreen improving vision
  • Factory-fit performance



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