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Autoglym Car Glass Polish 325ml

The Autoglym Car Glass Polish 325ml is a deep cleaning glass polish for automotive glass and mirrors. Use inside and out for crystal clear, smear-free vision. The creamy cleaner breaks down stubborn road grime, diesel film and traffic grime quickly and easily.

This Car Glass Polish is specially formulated to reduce misting and ensure increased visibility of your windscreen. Suitable for use on interior and exterior glass. If your windows are perspex, acrylic or plastic, use Fast Glass instead.

Features & Benefits:
  • Quick and easy to use without smearing
  • Contains advanced cleaning and polishing actives
  • Autoglym’s most powerful glass cleaner
  • Suitable for glass, factory tinted glass and mirrors
Usage Directions:
  • Clean with Autoglym Interior Shampoo
  • Polish glass and mirrors with Autoglym Car Glass Polish
  • Protect interior surfaces with Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care



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