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Valvoline SynPower FE 5w-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Valvoline SynPower FE 5w-30 is a premium synthetic engine oil that offers enhanced fuel efficiency, superior engine protection, and improved engine cleanliness. With its low viscosity formula, it provides excellent cold start performance and optimal lubrication. This oil is compatible with various vehicles and meets industry standards, making it a reliable choice for maximizing performance and fuel economy.

General Details:

  • Engine and Emissions System Protection: SynPower engine oil offers superior protection and performance, meeting the latest standards set by leading engine manufacturers.
  • Bio Fuel Compatibility: Specifically designed for engines running on bio fuel mixtures, such as E85.
  • Engine Cleanliness: Minimizes deposits and keeps the engine exceptionally clean.
  • Fuel Economy: Formulated with low viscosity and special additives to reduce friction and optimize fuel consumption.
  • Wear Protection: Provides ultimate protection against wear in all operating conditions.
  • Excellent Cold Start Performance: Enables instant oil flow at low temperatures, ensuring easy cold starts and optimal engine performance.



  • Jaguar LandRover STJLR 03.5003
  • ACEA A5/B5
  • ACEA A7/B7
  • API SP
  • Renault RN0700
  • Suitable for use where Ford WSS-M2C913-A, B, C, D are specified



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