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Valvoline Engine Oil System Cleaner

Highly effective cleaning concentrate with low viscosity surfactants for petrol and diesel engines.    

Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines with all commonly used motor oils.

Apply when:
  • A solution is needed to solve problems caused by neglected oil change
  • Black sludge is suspected
  • Hydraulic valve lifters are not functioning properly
  • Issues with piston ring compression are diagnosed

General Details:

Chemical Properties Viscous

Additonal Images:

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Contamination prevention
Prevents early contamination of the new engine oil by left over residue or sludge in the engine.

Easy to use
Application through simply adding it to the engine oil. No specialist tools or equipment required.

Universal application
Valvoline Engine Oil System Cleaner is suitable for petrol and diesel engines and all commonly used motor oils.

Effective cleaning
Removes and disperses all soluble dirt and sludge deposits inside engines.



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