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Valvoline Cooling System Stop Leak ML V1

Contains only very small particles that will not clog even the smallest engine passages. Compatible with water and all conventional antifreezes. Contains no metals.

Cooling System Stop Leak is designed for use in all types of cooling systems except heavy duty diesel cooling systems using filtration equipment. Cooling System Stop Leak is formulated to be non-clogging and trouble-free, passing through the smallest cooling system passages freely. Cooling System Stop Leak is compatible with water and all conventional coolants. Finely, divided metals in anti leak products can deplete critical anti corrosion additives contained in the coolant. Cooling System Stop Leak contains no metals.

General Details:
Capacity [ml] 300


Superior performance
Cooling System Stop Leak is a low-cost method of sealing all types of cooling system seepage and leaks. It features a unique combination of high molecular natural components and advanced leak sealing components dispersed in a corrosion inhibited liquid. Used as directed, it stops leaks in seconds.

The high molecular components contained in Cooling System Stop Leak follow fluid movement to the leak area, forming a grid or mat across the hole. This enables other stop-leak materials to build up and form a complete seal, making the repair effectively permanent. Excess ingredients then remain suspended in the coolant.

Deposit control
Loss of coolant from cooling system through pinhole leaks in the radiator, cylinder head, gasket or core plugs would pollute the engine or the street. Radiator Stop Leak will avoid such pollutions.

Easy to use
Add Cooling System Stop Leak each time the radiator is flushed or as needed to stop leaks. Shake well before using. Pour into the radiator. Replace radiator cap and operate vehicle as usual.



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