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Cleans the automatic transmission system Allows optimum shifting performance Compatible with all sealing types and transmission components
Highly efficient cleaning agent
Removes contaminants and deposits from all transmission components
Extends the service life of the automatic transmission

Valvoline Automatic Transmission Cleaner is recommended to be used for cleaning automatic transmissions. The cleaner is compatible with different sealing types and all kinds of components used in the automatic transmission system.

Valvoline Automatic Transmission Cleaner is a high-quality product intended for keeping the automatic transmission systems clean and enabling seamless operation. Some of the most important benefits of Valvoline Automatic Transmission Cleaner are:
Exceptional cleaning abilities due to the carefully curated ingredients of the highest quality.
Provides optimum shifting performance.
Very efficient in removing deposits and contaminants from the transmission parts and components.
Prolongs the life cycle of the automatic transmission system.

Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging.
Add the Valvoline™ Automatic Transmission Cleaner to the transmission fluid at operating temperature before exchanging the automatic transmission fluid.
Let the engine idle for approx. 10 minutes and shift the selector lever into all positions at least twice.
150 ml of Valvoline™ Automatic Transmission Cleaner is sufficient for 3 to 6 liters of oil

This product is not likely to present any significant health or safety hazards when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of personal hygiene are maintained. Reference is made to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which is available on request via your local sales office or via the internet

Take used chemicals to an authorized collection point. Comply with local regulations. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water

We recommend to store all packages under cover. In case outside storage is unavoidable, drums should be laid horizontally to avoid the possible ingress of water and damage to drum markings. Products should never be stored above 60°C, exposed to hot sun or freezing conditions.

Typical property characteristics are based on current production. Whilst future production will conform to Valvoline specifications, variations in these characteristics may occur.
Colour: Yellow brown / clear
Scent: Characteristic
Density at 20°C 0,842 g/ml
Flashpoint: (DIN 51757) >100 °C



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