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Funky foul odours always seem to pop up at the worst possible moments. Scent Bomb is here to save you from having to answer the 3 scariest words in the English language, “What’s That Smell?”

Meet your new best friend. Scent Bomb air freshener may just save you from the most embarrassing moment of your life. Scent Bomb Spray Bottles are concentrated oil based air fresheners that work instantly! Spray onto the floor mat of your car or into a trash can for immediate results- the area will smell amazing all day…and even the next day!

Keep one in your car, in your home, or even in your pocket because you just never know!

  • Scent Bomb is powerful 100% oil based air freshener that will give you a long lasting smell!
  • 2-3 sprays last 48 hours-You do not have to keep spraying over and over.
  • One of the best selling fragrances of Scent Bomb.
  • Just a couple sprays on the floor mats of your car or in the bathroom trash can keeps it fresh for days.


Scent Bomb

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