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The new Rain-X® Plastic Water Repellent now brings the water-repellent effect of our core technology to plastic surfaces!
This treatment offers superior protection on a variety of plastics, including Lexan®, Plexiglas®, Perspex®, Lucite®, acrylics and polycarbonate.

Rain-X® Plastic Water Repellent turns water into droplets that run off easily, allowing motorbike windscreens, goggles and helmet visors, as well as boat windscreens and portholes to retain maximum visibility allowing you to see clearly even in difficult conditions.

Don’t let plastic surfaces compromise your visibility. Choose Rain-X® Plastic Water Repellent and enjoy increased protection and visibility.

  • Turns water into droplets and which roll away quickly, dramatically improving visibility.
  • Specially developed for plastic surfaces.
  • Simple to use for a long-lasting coating.



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