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Millers Oils Trident Professional C1 5W30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 1L

A professional, fully synthetic, low SAPS engine oil suitable for the latest engine technology. Designed to meet OEM specifications and suitable for use in petrol, diesel and hybrid engines.

Millers Oils Trident Professional C1 5W-30 is recommended for engines requiring a C1 5w30 viscosity targeting Jaguar Land Rover vehicles fitted with DPFs.


  • Excellent low temperature flow when cold starting,  helping to instantly protect vital components
  • Viscosity stability at high temperatures, delivering reduced wear and tear on the engine and its components
  • Formulated with technology to provide engine cleanliness and durability which improves fuel economy, reduces emissions and provides extended drain capability
  • Utilising low SAPS technology protecting particulate filters and controlling soot build up
  • Millers Oils stop start technology delivers instant protection under hot or cold conditions


Performance Profile:
  • ACEA C1
Suitable For:
  • Ford WSS-M2C934-B
  • Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5005
  • JASO DL-1
  • Asian manufacturers

Technical Information:

Density (a 15°C, g/ml: 0.844
Kinematic Viscosity Id 100°C, cSt.: 10.5
Flashpoint, °C: >200


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