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Meguiars Mirror Glaze Professional Detailing Clay Aggressive 200g

Meguiars Aggressive Professional Detailing Clay quickly removes stubborn and severe bonded surface contaminants such as overspray, industrial fallout, fresh water sport, tar, rail dust and tree sap mist. Equally effective on paint, glass, metal and plastic. Simply lubricate surface with Meguiars Mirror Glaze M34 Final Inspection, or Meguiars D155 Last Touch Spray Detailer diluted 1:1, and gently rub surface until mirror smooth.

  • Quickly and easily removes severe bonded surface contaminants
  • Restores to a smooth as glass finish
  • Completely non-abrasive and safe on clear coat and single stage paint
  • Safe and effective on paint, glass, metal, and plastic
  • Comes in a reusable container to keep clay fresh, and comes with 200 grams of clay



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