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Meguiars hybrid ceramic pre-wax prep 473ml

Removes minor paint defects: Removes swirls and other minor paint defects without scratching
Outstanding finish: Enhances shine, colour and paint clarity
Easy to use: Goes on and wipes off easily
Advanced chemistry: Contains sophisticated sio2 hybrid ceramic base layer protection
Cleans & polishes: Removes minor paint defects and enhances gloss and shine at the same time

The meguiar's hybrid ceramic pre-wax prep removes minor defects quickly with fine polishing agents while simultaneously feeding the paint with polishing oils, leaving the paint glossy and making colours pop! Additionally, it leaves behind a fine layer of hybrid ceramic protection that acts as a perfect foundation layer for meguiar's hybrid ceramic paint protection products to build on! Applying and removing feels more like a wax than a traditional compound; it goes on smooth and wipes off with ease!



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