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    The iconic fragrance of Lynx in a 3D car air freshener.


    • Avoid direct contact with textiles & plastic parts.
    • If the inside temperature exceeds 35°C, remove air freshener from car or store in a sealed container to avoid leakage or damage to car interior.
    • Guarantee - 1 month

    Features and benefits

    • Consistent release of fragrance that lasts for up to 30 days
    • Hook to allow quick and easy hanging straight out of the packet
    • Ideal for home, locker, office or car - suits all vehicles
    • Recyclable
    • The Dark Temptation 3D air freshener features an authentic Lynx fragrance - a blast of sweetness with a hint of spice, thanks to an enticing blend of hot chocolate, amber and red peppercorn scents. With a long lasting and consistent fragrance release, this stylish air freshener features a coloured accent to match the fragrance.



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