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  • SMELLS EXACTLY LIKE YOUR FAVOURITE JELLY BELLY BEAN - bursting with fruity cocktail flavour, this car air freshener smells as good as it tastes with tropical
  • pineapple, cherry, mandarin and ripe raspberry for a fragrance explosion in your car
  • LOOKS LIKE A GIANT JELLY BEAN - designed to brighten your day and lift your spirits, this juicy 3D gel-filled car scent echoes the iconic shape of a Jelly Belly bean in tropical 'island punch' tones that make it just as distinctive as the real thing
  • DELICIOUS SCENT LASTS UP TO 30 DAYS - hang your Jelly Belly car air freshener from your rear-view mirror and enjoy the flavour as its fruity fragrance is slowly released, banishing unpleasant odours, and keeping your ride smelling sweet
  • GREAT GIFT TO A NEW DRIVER - perfect for congratulating a friend who's passed their test or got their first car, these vibrant car air fresheners for men and women are a fun way to say goodbye to L-plates and hello to mouth-watering Jelly Belly flavour
  • NO.1 HANGING AIR FRESHENER IN UK - world famous since 1976 for its full-bodied jelly beans in a menu of exotic, true-to-life flavours, Jelly Belly car air fresheners capture the essence of the bean to personalise your car the Jelly Belly way


Jelly Belly

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