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Holts Tyreweld 400ml

The Holts Tyre Weld 400ml (Large) is a quick and easy to use solution to punctures which gets you back on the road. Simply attach it to the valve and it will inflate your tyre and seal the puncture for you, allowing you to move to safety. It works in minutes with no tools needed, giving you peace of mind in your boot.

Repairing a puncture in an emergency. There are no tools or a jack required. No damage to tyre. Safe non-toxic formula. Washes out of tyres after use.

Features & Benefits:
  • Quick and easy emergency puncture repair
  • No tools or jack needed
  • Gets you back on the road fast
  • Washes out of tyres easily after use
  • Peace of mind in your boot
  • Non-toxic formula is safe, preventing any damage to tyres
Additional Note:
  • Important Notice:
  • Tyreweld is a water based foam which won’t damage your tyres in any way and can be wiped out of tyres easily. You should tell your mechanic before they remove the tyre that you’ve used Tyreweld. Some mechanics might not be familiar with Tyreweld’s formula, so you should inform them that it doesn’t damage tyres and can be wiped out. However it might be that on inspecting your tyre, the repairer has found other damage which makes it unroadworthy. If this is the case, ask for details so you know why the tyre is being replaced.
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