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Holts help your car to shine inside and out with our car cleaning range.


Our easy rinse Shampoo and Wax is tough on stubborn dirt including insects and bird residue, but kind to your paintwork to leave your car beautifully clean with no streaks.

  • Streak free cleaning
  • Protects and shines
  • Suitable for hand or pressure washer use
  • 300+ washes

The Holts Shampoo and Wax is part of our Professional range which is available for drivers to use at home on their driveway either for hand washing or a pressure washer, so you can get a professional quality clean any time.

The advanced formula cleans quickly and leaves a streak free finish.

At Holts we have been solving car problems for over 100 years, and have developed our shampoo to make life easy for drivers like you.

The additional wax provides a layer of protection for your car’s exterior, keeping it clean and shiny for longer, and one 5 litre bottle can provide over 300 washes.

Get professional cleaning at home today with Holts Shampoo and Wax.



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