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Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty 100g

The Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty fills surface scratches and stone chips and gives an extra smooth finish prior to painting. This putty is an acrylic-based paste which is suitable for all car finishes and can be used on bare metal, primer or with body filler paste.

It is a durable and easy to use primer which provides an effective solution to exterior surface damage such as chips and scratches. It fills in surface scratches and chips to create a perfectly smooth finish which is ideal for painting.

Use the applicator provided to apply to deep scratches and chips for an even finish that’s easy to paint on.

Features & Benefits:
  • Suitable for all cars
  • Easy to use filler
  • Provides a smooth surface on your car’s exterior
  • Comes with the applicator included



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