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The Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start range has been specifically designed to keep your engine protected in busy traffic conditions. For instant protection from the moment you start. Every time you start.

Today even a normal driver can stop and start as many as 18,000 times a year. And all that idling in traffic or waiting at junctions causes microscopic wear in your engine.

In the latest industry test, Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start 5W-30 C2 gives significantly less wear in stop-start operation*. Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start 5W-30 has intelligent molecules that cling, and form a self-healing layer so it’s always ready to protect at each of the critical stages of stop-start driving and beyond.

*As tested in the industry OM646LA test

Features & Benefits:
  • 5W-30 C2 grade oil
  • 4 litre bottle
  • Form a self-healing layer to protect at each of the critical stages during start-stop operation
  • Reduce wear by 50%
  • Improved fuel economy
Certifications & Standards:
  • ACEA C2
  • PSA Approval B71 2291
Additional Note:
  • Please refer to your vehicle handbook to confirm the suitability of this oil for your vehicle.
  • View the Safety Data Sheet



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