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California Scents Hanging Vial Air Freshener - Red Wood Streams

  • Lasts up to 45 days*
  • Strong scent for car interior
  • Easy to use & modern design
California Scents Hanging Vial Air Freshener - Red Wood Streams - Bring the tantalizing aromas of the west coast to your car with bold fragrances from California Scents.

Simply tie the Hanging Vial to your review view mirror or other desired location away from other surfaces. Let it dangle, and start breathing easy, knowing every breath you inhale smells of Redwood Streams. Eachtime you open your car door, your nostrils will be greeted by the rich, refreshing scents of ozone after a morning rain, mixed with pine needs, pine bark, and earthy tree mosses. Let it hang for up to 45 days*, then switch it out for another Hanging Vial.

Easy to use California Scents auto air-fresheners are an excellent solution for delivering bold scents to your car, truck, or van.

*Each unit lasts up to 45 days on low and under ambient conditions


California Scents

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