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Autotek Professional RED Brush On Brake Calliper Paint Lacquer 250 ml
  • Alkyd based heat resistant enamel suitable for calipers and drums.
  • High gloss finish with a quick drying application.
  • Heat resistant to 150°c.
  • Can be applied directly to bare metal.
  • Oil and brake fluid resistant.
  • Includes pair of disposable gloves.
When planning to work on the paintwork of a vehicle, there are many issues to consider. Is the product you are about to use of a high enough quality and standard? Will the paintwork be tarnished in a noticeable way? Is the product produced by a manufacture that specialises in vehicle paints? Above all, a mistake can be very costly and time consuming to correct. The range of brush on brake caliper paint is an Alkyd based heat resistant enamel, suitable for calipers and drums. It has a high gloss finish with a quick drying application, and can be applied directly to bare metal. Heat resistant up to 150°C, the formulation is oil and brake fluid resistant. Autotek is a premium brand of aerosol paint products. The range caters for the majority of priming and specialist painting applications, including wheel and very high temperature paints (VHT). All Autotek products are compliant with the ‘VOC’ (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulation which sets limits on the maximum VOC content of coatings.



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