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Autoglym Metal Polish 325ml

Autoglym Metal Polish is specifically designed to polish all types of metal and brightwork on your car or motorcycle, restoring a brilliant lustre. It is ideal for use on any deteriorated brightwork like hubcaps, grilles, headlamps, door handles, wheels, forks, hubs and castings made of chrome, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium and various alloys. The polished surfaces also benefit from a protective wax coating.

Features & Benefits:
  • Can be used on deteriorated brightwork including hubcaps, grilles etc
  • Suitable for use on chrome, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium & brass
  • Recommended for use on cars, motorcycles, boats & caravans
  • Cleaning Stage : Polish/Wax
Use and Care:
  • 1.Shake well, apply to a soft cloth and rub back and forth over the metal surface
    2.As the metal is cleaned there may be a black build-up which can be buffed away with a microfibre cloth
    3.Increase the pressure over any stubborn areas



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