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A clean set of wheels and tyres can make your car look amazing, but keeping them clean can be hard to keep up with. Between dirt, road debris and brake dust, your wheels are under constant assault every time you drive down the road. To top it off, as your wheels heat up from braking, this grime can bake right onto the wheel.

An easy way to handle a situation like this is to use Armor All® Wheel & Tire Cleaner – it’s powerful enough to clean even the dirtiest wheels, while remaining gentle and safe enough to be used on all factory and aftermarket finishes.

  • Easy to use anytime your wheels and tyres need some TLC.
  • Fast and effective – results in minutes.
  • Leaves your wheels and tyres looking beautifully clean and shiny.
  • Specially formulated deep cleansing agents penetrate into hard-to-reach areas, dislodging stubborn dirt, grease, tar and brake dust.
  • Can be used on all types of wheel covers and hubcaps including alloy, steel, and chrome, as well as plastic wheel trims.



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